Do you really owe that much? Maybe not.
Double-check to make sure “in-network” docs are really in-network. Like, call them. Today.

December 2022

Still the same garbage system, but some glimmers of decent news

November 2022

Lots of people qualify— but providers won’t always tell you, or make it easy.

October 2022

Don’t pay it right away, but don’t ignore it either.

May 2022

We're slowing down a bit, for now.

April 2022

Your Turn: Share your tips and requestsWe want your tips, questions and feedback on First Aid Kit.
With cases rising (again), here are some plan-ahead tips.

March 2022

Our best tips for the worst rip-off in health care
You are not alone. Even the smartest experts get socked.
GoodRx, carefully considering Canada, and other tools can help…sometimes

February 2022

You can often shop around and save money. It should be easier. It shouldn’t be necessary.