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Feb 2, 2022·edited Feb 2, 2022

I rarely go to the doctor so I don't have first hand experience with american hospitals. But my ex-girlfriend had a few surgeries and the amount of nonsense she had to go through was just insane. Random bills coming in two years later, bills for procedure that never were done, $30000 facility fee for a one hour surgery with a five hour total stay, the hospital messing up paperwork leaving her with a $300000 bill which was up to her to clean up, insurance declining stuff because the paperwork was not done correctly.

It's really hard to understand that americans are putting up with this nonsense and even defending it. In most other industries a lot of things that are happening would be considered as fraud. I don't want to get into the universal healthcare discussion but at minimum there should be regulation that makes billing predictable for the patient.

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