Nov 9, 2021Liked by Gabrielle Healy

I have loved seeing this show evolve over the past few years! Would you ever consider doing an episode on Medicaid? There are lots of programs folks might not know they are eligible for. In my case, I was fighting private insurance, but then learned I could buy-in to my state Medicaid program for working adults with disabilities (I was three years into fighting a disabling chronic illness before I learned this was an option). With Medicaid as a secondary insurance, I no longer had to battle private insurance.

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Nov 11, 2021Liked by Gabrielle Healy

Dan, I absolutely love your work. I'm at a startup (CrowdHealth) that's helping people find and fund the care they need outside the insurance system (we agree -- it SUCKS!), and your stories, tips, and perspective offer great motivation for the work we've set out to do. Thank you for An Arm and A Leg, and now for First Aid Kit. I'm glad to have another way to follow along with your journey & important work!

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Nov 23, 2021Liked by Gabrielle Healy

I just found your show thanks to WTH/KHN and I'm already a fan. After a career as risk manager at a global tech company (buying property & liability insurance), I made the switch in retirement to helping Medicare clients as a SHIIP counselor, once I found out how insanely complicated it was to buy this new kind of health insurance. The more I learn about the system we're stuck with here in US, the more outraged I become. Thank you for the humor and cynicism to make this whole thing more digestible.

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