Your Turn: Share your tips and requests

Hey there –

First Aid Kit is almost six months old! We’ve shared our best tips on how to choose health insurance, how to avoid overpaying for medical tests, how to make use of a new law that’s supposed to stop surprise billing, and much more. 

As I continue to rest up from COVID — getting well has taken a little longer than I’d planned —  this is a moment when we’d really like to hear from you. 

  • What do you want us to share in the future? 

  • What tips do you have about navigating the health care system that you want other folks to know?

  • If you just want to introduce yourself, say why you subscribed, and let us know a little about you, we’d love that too. We want to get to know everyone as we build this community.

Hit reply! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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